Flipbook is an informal journal of the collected insights from the team at Fliplabs, a consulting firm that facilitates systems change through collaborative design and execution. During the last six years we’ve applied our 3-stage methodology to multiple complex problems, ranging from overfishing to human trafficking to income inequality.

We work deeply with existing practitioners within a system to help them create new approaches and relationships that amplify their ability to reinvent the world. 

Discovery: We map systems to reframe existing challenges and uncover new opportunities.

Co-Design: We collect the right players already at work in a system and help them design and invent new ways to drive change.

Pilot: We enable the launch of pilot initiatives by becoming an efficient, get-it-done partner to project manage, recruit stakeholders and allies, raise money, and facilitate collaboration.





We started this journal because we were frustrated with the lack of practitioners spaces to talk about the nitty gritty of systems doing, rather than systems thinking. Theory is interesting. Our bias is for action. We love getting change unstuck. We’re less excited about writing white papers or creating marketing tools to formalize what we do or figure out the catchy word for what to call it. 

So let’s have a messy conversation, all of us doers. We welcome ideas and suggestions from practitioners who have wisdom to share: social labs, collective impact, transformation design – all buzzwords welcome. We don’t care what you call what you do. We just want to create a place where you find that insight you need to do what you do better.

Thanks for joining.